АПР-162.03ЭГ - Tradition and Modernity in the metal. 

The company Uniteh is glad to offer its new creation - automatic straightening and cutting machine АПР-162.03ЭГ - for use in the construction industry. It is a full analogue of world-wide brands like MEP, SCHNELL, METAL KING, EUROBEND. At a price that's lower than the competition's.

Автомат правильно-отрезной ГД-162.03ЭГThe development of this machine was based on the original model АПР-162.03, which has proved very successful during times of the great construction projects. Our D&R team had chosen this model as the best equipment for its application. Qualified specialists of company tried to retain all the advantages of machine АПР-162.03.

АПР-162.03ЭГ is intended to straighten the hot-rolled smooth and ribbed reinforcing bars (GOST 5781-82) fed by coil and cut it into straight length. Straightening of hot-rolled round steel (GOST 2590-2006) may be used. The machine has accuracy class N in accordance with GOST 8-82. 

Also, during the renovation and improvement work of the original model, our engineers have achieved much that we are proud of.

Machine has a good synchronization between the straightening speed and the rate of revolving straightening frame.

The usage of “floating” knifes with electronic measuring device provides an opportunity of a rapid changeover of equipment, and reduces the cutting accuracy to ±5мм. 

The sensor panel for I/O of information greatly facilitates the tuning of machine..

A pneumatic drive of delivery tray increases the reliability of the entire unit as a whole.

The combination of pneumatic and spring drives in unreeling aggregate makes it possible to provide for the necessary tensioning of wire fed by coil and to allow for relatively fast shutdown the rotation of coil, if necessary, without jolts..

A reverse movement of the wire feed greatly facilitates its load.

Using the tool of microcrystalline hardalloyed Carbide Metal containing impurities of pure cobalt significantly increases the service life of the equipment.

The utilization of parts and components made by reputed manufacturers as Mitsubishi Electric (Japan) and Festo Group (GermanyГермания) guarantees the high quality of ГД – 162.03 ЭГ.

The main technical characteristics and data of the ГД – 162.03 ЭГ are available on the website. Our company offers the all owners of ГД-162 machines its services for their modernization and upgrading.

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