Multi-electrode welding machine МТМ-177.036СП3
Multi-electrode welding machines

Multi-electrode welding machine МТМ-177.036СП3 is intended for manufacture of reinforcing cages from longitudinal bars of exact length with diameter up to 16 mm and transversal bars of exact length with diameter up to 14 mm.





Voltage source, V



Frequency, Hz



Width of mesh, mm



Length of mesh, mm



Diameters of longitudinal bars, steel grade A-III, mm



Distance between longitudinal bars, mm


 100, 150, 200

Max. quantity of longitudinal bars, pcs



Diameters of transversal bars, steel grade A-III, mm



Distance between transversal bars, mm






Capacity of welding transformer, kVA



Quantity of welding transformers, pcs



Capacity of electric drives, kW



Welding of bars crossings 



Pressure of compressed air, MPa



Pressure of refrigerating fluid, MPa





Dimensions of the automatic line (approx.), mm::











** technical characteristics can be changed according to consumer’s order

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